Monday, August 3, 2009


YUM! YUM! YUM!!!!!!!!!!! I love BLING!!!! These Swarovski Crystals from are SO lucious! The first piece is made with Swarvoski Beads and nylon covered beading wire . . . I like the way it really shows off the BEAUTIFUL crystals . . . Please click on the highlighted words to link to their website . . .My second piece features a Swarovski Pendant . . . a deep purple with a BEAUTIFUL blue center . . .I made a bracelet and earrings to match . . also has GORGEOUS Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones . . . Whew!!!!
HUBBA! HUBBA! I DO love this BLING!!! LOL!!!!!!

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Roberta said...

I love the jewelry you created, Michi! So bright and colorful...and who doesn't love a bit of bling?!?!?! :-) Thanks for sharing your creations here!