Friday, July 6, 2018

Helen Smith's Art Canvas

My friend, Helen Smith, has a unique white canvas that has artwork from friends and family ... here are the directions for the piece of artwork I added to her canvas ...
 I used Liquitex Basics in Titanium White, Gold, Quinacridone Magenta, and Amsterdam Greenish Blue.
I squirted paint on a paper plate and then squirted water on the dabs of paint to liquify paint just a bit.  I mixed the magenta and greenish blue to make purple ... added white to the magenta to make pink.
I used a plastic paint  palette to apply paint thickly on the back of a paper bowl (a brush would work just as well).
Place bowl down on paper or canvas and press down especially in the middle of the bowl.  While continuing to press turn the bowl in a clockwise or counter clockwise manner.  Being consistent in the direction of the turn will help prevent "mud"!
Carefully peek under the bowl to see if you like the results.  Carefully put the bowl back down on the painting surface and continue to turn, if desired.
Carefully lift up bowl when you are pleased with the results.
Voila' ... Easy peasy!  Have fun artsy friends!


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