Friday, July 3, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

What a delight and honor when I found that Debi Wind had nominated me for the Honest Scrap Award! THANK YOU, Debi!!!! Along with the award comes the follow task. I must list 10 things about myself and then pass it on to 7 others.

1. I am a short, chubby, old Asian broad with dyed hair!! LOL!!!

2. I love kitties, but dh#2 won't let me have one! BUMMER!! LOL!

3. I think that stampers/mixed media artists are the friendliest people!!!

4. I started watching Maury Povich since MIL#2 moved in with us . . . have you watched this show? One lady (?) had twins, but only one twin passed the DNA testing for the father of the child . . . sheesh!!!! LOL!!!

5. Jackson Pollack is one of my favorite contemporary artists.

6. Audrey Hepburn is my favorite actress.

7. Will Smith is currently my favorite actor.

8. My dear, departed, daddy taught me to back into our driveway because we lived on a very busy street and it was too difficult to back out into it.

9. My dear, departed, mother once found out that dh#2 was doing the laundry while I was on the phone with her and said . . . YOU JUST TELL THAT DH#2 . . . I'M GLAD HE MARRIED MY DAUGHTER!

10. I'm grateful that my dear, departed, daddy MADE me go to college!!! LOL!!!!

Here are the 7 people I am sending this award. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

1. Linda Cameron
2. Cory
3. Claudine Hellmuth
4. Nancy Curry
5. Mary Jo McGraw
6. Judi Watanabe
7. Traci Bautista


Melange said...

Oh Michi thank you so much. This is awesome. You inspire me so much with your beautiful creations and sharing of your talent.

Deborah said...

Michi, I didn't see that episode of Maury but how is that possible. It doesn't make a lot of sense unless they are fraternal twins (I believe the term is when they develop from seperate eggs). Mind boggling. I like the Audrey card you did below. I had no idea Audrey stamps were available. I cant wait to see the final book when Corinne completes it.

Amber said...

I've enjoyed reading about you (and dh#2) and invite you to visit me at
Thank you for sharing your gifts and I too think Mixed Media Artists are very friendly!
many blessings.

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

Michi Michaelson, Orange County, CA said...

THANKS for visiting my blog, Disa!!! I'm glad you like the award!