Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still ANOTHER condensed CHA Report

Today was another exciting day at CHA . . . Suze
Weinberg demonstrated her famous UTEE and made a wonderful dimensional finish on her charm . . . the "glitz" you see on the background is deceiving . . . it's simply foil paper in the back . . . a trimmed Mona Lisa collage image . . . and she finished it off with sparkling Stickles on the corners . . . her own designer Stickles colors . . . I was so thrilled when she actually gave me her sample!! I LOVE Mona! LOL!!I was captivated by the Environmental Technology Inc. booth which had an Easy Mold made out of silicone rubber that could be put into the oven with the polymer clay in it . . . therefore, detailed and delicate shapes such as old skeleton keys can be made of polymer clay without fear of breakage while removing the clay from the mold before baking . . . how novel!!!!
Suzanne McNeill, author of Creative Dyeing for Fabric Arts published by Design Originals (it must be so new it wasn't on the website yet) . . . had a workshop using permanent markers on coffee filters . . . a cloth doll . . . and a silk scarf . . . everyone's came out differently . . . what fun!!!!
This sample is from the Creatively Green Metal Raku Workshop taught by Rebekah Meier and Barbara Matthiessen . . . Rebekah taught painting and metalwork techniques using tools from Walnut Hollow . . . Barbara Matthiessen is from the company Earth's Safe Finishes, paints and mediums that are environmentally friendly . . . I was amazed at the amount of pigment in the colors and, yet, they were "green" . . .

CHA had much to offer . . . I didn't get to see everything in detail, but what an exciting opportunity to be there in person!!! Wow!!!!

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June said...

Loving your ideas and artwork
these are all beautiful
Hugs June xxx