Friday, January 30, 2009

YIKES! Another Blog Award!!!!!

OHMYGOSH . . . my dear papercraft buddy, Sue Shute, has nominated me for One Lovely Blog Award!!! How exciting!!! THANK YOU, Sue!!!!!

I have the pleasure and priviledge of nominating 7 bloggers with outstanding art and sharing with the art community . . . here are my 7 nominees . . .

1. Suze Weinberg
2. Nettie Moss
3. Kelly Burton
4. Arlene
5. Toni Curtis
6. Eileen
7. Shar Briss

Please feel free to click on their highlighted names to link to their blogs!!!! THANK YOU, again, Sue!!!!


AlteredByMe said...

Thank you Michi for the honor! I'll get to this over the weekend.


Nettie said...

Thankyou Michi! I appreciate it ;-))

Shar said...

Thanks so much, Michi! You are too sweet!